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algorithm originally developed by David Stockwell, software created by R. Scachetti-Pereira
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DesktopGarp is a software package for biodiversity and ecologic research that allows the user to predict and analyze species distributions. GARP tries, interactively, to find non-random correlations between the presence and absence of the species and the values of the environmental parameters, using several types of rules. Each rule type implements a different method for building species prediction models. GARP as input takes enivonmental data and species occurrence localities. It generates random absence data.


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System Requirements: 


The minimum system configuration to run DesktopGarp is:
Intel/Pentium based computer;
  • Windows 98 SE (Second Edition), Edition (ME), NT 4, 2000 (all versions) and XP (all versions);
  • 64 MB of RAM;
  • 100 MB on the hard disk.
Additionally, the recommended system configuration, based on average size experiments, is:
  • 256 MB or more RAM - The more the better: the optimal amount of RAM depends on how large your dataset is (number of cells), the number of layers you have in it and the number of tasks within an experiment. The amount of memory can be estimated as: (#cells per layer) X (#layers in datasets) X (10KB X # of tasks)
  • 40GB of hard disk, preferably a fast SCSI disk. The results can be quite numerous and large, depending on the setup of your experiment;
  • Microsoft Excel 97, 2000 or XP - to process input data and output results;
  • ESRI ArcView with Spatial Analyst Extension - to create custom datasets and analyse resulting distribution maps (recomended on GARP web site but DIVA-GIS will be enough);
  • Multi-processor machines WILL NOT improve performance of a single experiment, as DG is currently completely sequential (not parallel). The gain will only be felt if two or more experiments are running at the same time (each experiment will take one processor).
DesktopGarp does not run on Mac, Linux, Solaris, or any kind of Unix.
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