IndExs – Index of Exsiccatae

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"IndExs - Index of Exsiccatae" is a bibliography of exsiccatal series. With more than 2050 data entries it is nearly complete. "IndExs" comprises information on titles, abbreviations and bibliography of exsiccatae. Exsiccatae are defined here as "published, uniform, numbered sets of preserved specimens distributed with printed labels" (Pfister 1985). The single search result gives you all bibliographically important information on the series: the editor(s), title in its bibliographical correct form, standardized abbreviation of the series as to cite in specimen lists of scientific papers or to add in your collection management system, the place of publication and the group(s) of organisms distributed. Additionally, the first and last number of the series as well as the corresponding year of the first and last issue are mentioned. Where preceding and / or superseding series do exist this information is linked. Images of single examplary labels are included for 60% of the series. They are taken from material located in more than 20 public herbaria worldwide.


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