Linnaeus II

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K. Estep, F. MacIntyre, J. van Hertum, R. Buis, G. de Valk, P. Boer (ETI)
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459 €. Free to ETI Partners.
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Linnaeus II is an innovative multifunctional research tool for systematists and biodiversity researchers, facilitating biodiversity documentation and species identification.

Linnaeus II was developed by ETI BioInformatics at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The software package, available for both Windows and Mac OS X, allows the creation of taxonomic databases, optimizes the construction of easy-to-use identification keys, expedites the display and comparison of distribution patterns, and promotes the use of taxonomic data for biodiversity studies.

The software can also be used to publish completed information systems on CD-ROM / DVD-ROM or make them available on the Web.



Currently product reviews are in preparation within the EDIT project. You can download and try a demo version of Linnaeus II 2.5 yourself (provides the same functionality as version 2.6).

This fully functional demo is based on the Arthropods of Economic Importance - Eurasian Tortricidae CD-ROM, which exploits the entire feature set of Linnaeus II. The program uses three types of keys (Text Key, Picture Key and IdentifyIt), both types of taxonomic databases (Species and Higher Taxa), all supporting modules (Glossary, Introduction, Literature, Index, plus a custom module called Hosts) and the geographical module MapIt. Use the link below to go to the download page of the Linnaeus II demo of your choice:

Linnaeus II 2.5 Demo


-INSTALLATION AND USAGE: the builder only runs off-line; Runtime is for offline use on CD-ROM/DVD; Web publisher for online use.

-FORMATS: native format: Toolbook/Supercard MySQL/PHP for webpublisher - importing format: NEXUS format, RTF, plain text - exporting format: NEXUS, RTF, Plain text, XML for webpublisher

-KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION: possible to represent quantitative data (min, max and standard deviation) - doesn't manage polymorphism - manage unknown values, missing data, inapplicable - manage numerical data - doesn't manage misinterpretation.

-MEDIA SUPPORT: possibility to add pictures of the taxa, no links to external ressources, possibility to add videos and sounds.

-FUNCTIONALITIES: allows editing and identification. Possibility to read (in online version) but not to edit the same knowledge base from several computer concurrently. Doesn't manage uncertainty. History of identification: history of steps. Multi-access key (sequence is free, a suggestion is given for the character with the best separation capacities. Possibility to have access to a complete descriptive card of the identified taxon.

-USER INTERFACE: online help available - languages: english only. There is no local entry version available. Some runtime products in different languages (Spanish, German and Italian and Dutch) - loading time: minutes - launch time: seconds - dynamic community: yes on - known knowledge bases created with the tool: 100+ CD-ROM/DVD titles produced ( - possible future developments: relational database environment, web integration, multiple user, allow dependant characters.

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The Linnaeus II version 2.6 for Windows requires a PC running Windows 98, ME or XP, with at least 32 Mb free RAM memory.

The Macintosh version of Linnaeus II runs natively under Mac OS X 10.1 or higher but also under older versions of Mac OS (versions 8.6 and higher).

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