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K. Thiele & G. Rutter
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Lucid is a flexible and powerful knowledge management tool that helps users make an identification or diagnosis. Lucid3 is an entirely new implementation of the Lucid family of products, providing new features requested by Lucid users and improving the handling of many common functions. The Lucid3 system comprises a Builder and Player for creating and deploying effective and powerful identification and diagnostic keys. The Lucid3 Builder allows an expert in a group of entities (plants, animals, diseases, minerals, archaeological artifacts etc) to create a key that can be deployed over the World Wide Web.



-INSTALLATION AND USAGE: the builder only runs off-line. The player runs both on-line and off-line.

-FORMATS: native format: XML - importing format: Lif, lif3, sdd, xml, csv, DELTA, ascii text (some data) - exporting format: Lif3, SDD, XML, CSV, ASCII text (some data).

-KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION: possible to represent quantitative data (outside minimum, normal minimum, normal maximum, outside maximum) - manage polymorphism (common score, rare score) - manage missing data (absent, uncertain, out-of-scope are score values) - manage numerical data - manage misinterpretation.

-MEDIA SUPPORT: it's possible to attach multiple pictures of the taxa, characters, character states, character groups - link to external ressources (html file, html url, image file, image url), possibility to add videos and sounds through html attachments.

-FUNCTIONALITIES: allows editing and identification. Not possible to read or to edit the same knowledge base from several computer concurrently. Possibility to express uncertainty. Multi-access key. Possibility to have access to a complete descriptive card of the identified taxon.

-USER INTERFACE: online knowledge base help provided through Lucidcentral - a lot of languages available - loading time: around 25 minutes - launch time: quick - dynamic community: - known knowledge bases created with the tool: see Lucidcentral for database of known keys - possible future developments: server-side Player available soon ( to add to the applet and application Players). SS Player written using Ajax technologies to minimise postback delays. New versions of all applications come out regularly, under active development. Main projected developments (next 12 months) include full natural-language build support; support for score inheritance in the hierarchy; integration of desktop Builder with IdentifyLife web service.

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Lucid3 is a cross-platform implementation, and will run on any Java-enabled operating system (such as Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux etc).

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