Morphometric Software at Suny Stony Brook

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Link provided by RMCA SYNTHESYS visitor Dr. Andrea Cardini Universitá di Modena, Italy
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The purpose of this directory is to make available programs useful for morphometric analysis. Contributions of additional software are welcome. Contact us with suggestions for improvements and with additional contributions to the morphmet archive. Click on the categories in the contents window (at the left) to obtain lists of available software. The platform required by each program (e.g., DOS, Windows, Mac, Unix) is indicated in red for each program. Note: Windows programs can sometimes be run using emulators on other platforms (e.g., Wine on Linux of Connectix Virtual PC on a Mac).


This site holds a list of many software reported as very useful for scientists working on morphometrics. At this point I just put the link rather than make an item for each of this software specifically, but if somebody has a special interest in one of the software in the list, it might be useful to create a specific review.

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