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Laboratoire Informatique et Sytématique, UPMC, Paris.
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Xper2 is a flexible and powerful knowledge management tool that helps users make an identification or diagnosis. It is a complete system that can performs management of descriptive data (creation of knowledge databases), and offers many associated tools in order to analyse those descriptive data (control and prevent of inconsistencies, comparison and analysis of taxonomic descriptions, summary of the base). Xper2 has an Editor and a Player for creating and deploying identification keys (free acces keys).


-INSTALLATION AND USAGE: the editor runs off-line. The player runs both on-line and off-line.

- OPERATING SYSTEM: available for Windows XP, Linux ans Mac OS.

-FORMATS: native format: XML, text - importing formats: CSV, Tab-separated, old Xper format SDD - exporting format: Html, CSV, Xper format SDD, Nexus (for phylogenetics analysis).

-KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION: - manage polymorphism - manage unknown values (boolean), manage missing data (empty data), manage applicable/inapplicable values - manage only intervals or fixed set of values for numerical or quantitative data - doesn't manage misinterpretation but allows to choose a threshold for identification.

-MEDIA SUPPORT: it is possible to add any kind of additional informations like pictures (of the taxa, of the character, characters states, characters groups) or link to external ressources in comments text (html text, html url, image url), possibility to add videos and sounds through url attachments.

-FUNCTIONALITIES: allows editing and identification. Possibility to read (in identification mode if the knowledge base is on-line) but not to edit the same knowledge base from several computers concurrently. Manage uncertainty (it is possible to use a threshold according to one's knowledge). History of identification: history of steps. Multi-access key. Possibility to have access to a complete descriptive form of the identified taxon, and to know why other taxa have been discarded.

-USER INTERFACE: online help available at http://lis-upmc.snv.jussieu.fr/lis/?q=en/resources/softwares/cai/xper2/d..., languages: English, French, Spanish - loading time: minutes - launch time: minutes - dynamic community: website (http://lis-upmc.snv.jussieu.fr/lis/?q=en/resources/softwares/xper2) Xper mailing-list: xper@lis-upmc.snv.jussieu.fr - possible future developments: a web portal (currently under development, soon available), integration of existing tools (redaction of the base's description in natural langage, creation of printed keys, redaction of diagnosis).

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Plugin java

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It is so nice to hear about

It is so nice to hear about this tool Xper2, which is a flexible and powerful knowledge management tool that helps users make an identification or diagnosis. The screenshot and the requirement for this tool to work were very handy in getting to know more about this tool. go here

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