Ecological Niche Modeling (ENM)

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Alan R Williams, Renato De Giovanni, Vera Hernandez & Robert Kulawik
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The workflow offers an extensible framework for analyzing or predicting the impact of environmental changes on the distribution of biodiversity. Especially in combination with data aggregation workflows like the Taxonomic Data Refinement Workflow (DRW), the ENM workflows facilitate the analysis of species distribution patterns over large geo-temporal, taxonomic, and environmental scales. Examples for applications are studies of species adaptations to climate change, dynamic modeling of ecologically related species, identification of regions with accumulated risk for invasion, potential for restoration, or natural protected areas.


This workflow takes as input a file containing species occurrence points to create a model with the openModeller Web Service. Algorithm, environmental layers and mask are selected during the workflow. The model is tested (internal test and optional external 10-fold cross validation) and projected one or more times. All points from the input file are used to create a single model, so it is important to make sure that the records refer to the same species, unless you are interested in some sort of multi-species model. Cross validation calculates the mean AUC. Model projections can be downloaded from the links in the workflow output. They are geotiff files with suitability values ranging from 0 to 254 (nodata=255). For more information about the input file format, please look at the documentation for the corresponding parameter. If you use the default occurrence points you should know that Gammarus tigrinus is an aquatic species, so you need to choose marine environmental layers during the modelling procedure. Workflow requirements: When running on Taverna workbench, this workflow requires Internet connection and the Taverna interaction plugin installed. More information and documentation about this workflow can be found here:

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