Hong Song of the Missouri Botanical Garden, developed this Java-based program using MySQL as the database server. Botanists interested in sharing their data sets (e.g., DELTA, MS Excel, MS Access, Lucid formats) via this Web-based system, or interested in translating any of the character sets into another language may contact Hong Song or Anthony R. Brach.

DELIA - The DELTA Integrator

DELIA, the DELTA Integrator, extends the utility of DELTA format files by providing functionality that the (separate) CSIRO DELTA System software package can't. It provides a way to manage multiple datasets coded in DELTA and is designed to integrate with and complement the existing DELTA System suite of programs. It is designed for those DELTA users who are interested in managing their data in an integrated environment. We found only a beta version available.


The X:ID system is composed of a Editor and a Browser. The Editor is used to create and edit keys. The Browser is used to run them. X:ID is an XML-based identification and diagnostic key software system. It allows users to create their own web-based diagnostic or identification keys and run them over locally or over the web. The XML-based format is combined with the eXtensible Style Sheet Transformation (XSLT) markup to allow developers to tailor the look of their keys.


The DELTA System is an integrated set of programs based on the DELTA format. The facilities available include the generation and typesetting of descriptions and conventional keys, conversion of DELTA data for use by classification programs, and the construction of Intkey packages for interactive identification and information retrieval.

Berlin Model

The Berlin Model is based on the IOPI model and various later implementations of the basic principles laid out therein. It fully incorporates "potential taxa" (taxa as circumscribed by a reference) as well as the full complexity of botanical names according to the rules of botanical nomenclature. Actually the Berlin Model is implemented as a SQL Server 2000 database. Please contact us for any question or comment.

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