XPER² in action - Video tutorial on XPER²

Short silent video of presentation of the XPER² software (management of taxonomic descriptions and interactive identification keys).

DELTA Intkey tutorial

This is particularly clear and concise tutorial on the DELTA Intkey sofware for interactive identification. PDF document by A. Spooner and A. Chapman (western Autralian Herbarium, Department of Environment and Conservation).

The IT Center of the Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns - Workshops

The IT Center of the Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns (SNSB) is organising IT workshops, e.g. Diversity Collection workshops.

A practical guide to geostatistical mapping of environmental variables

Geostatistical mapping can be defined as analytical production of maps by using field observations, auxiliary information and a computer program that calculates values at locations of interest. Today, increasingly the heart of a mapping project is, in fact, the computer program that implements some (geo)statistical algorithm to a given point data set. Purpose of this guide is to assist you in producing quality maps by using fully-operational tools, without a need for serious additional investments.

EDIT WP8.1.1 Overview of Taxonomy courses

The present link is a listing of the existing training resources for taxonomy collected by the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT, Workpackage 8 - Training and Public Awareness)

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